Since 1999, the Lord Jesus Christ has given
me a great love and a special  calling to the
people of Germany. In God's providence
and calling He has enabled me to learn the
German language and lead  many Germans
to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

My vision is that many more German and
U.S. Military souls will be saved,
independent Baptist churches planted, and

Please pray with me concerning the spiritual
state of Germany, that the Lord God would
give me wisdom to accomplish the vision He
has given me
"The Lord's mercies... are new every morning"
Well praise the Lord Jesus Christ, for his unchanging
nature and goodness. We humans grow increasingly
amazed at how fast the years roll by, or more
specifically, we marvel at how subtly the earth
revolves around its Axes. A lot can happen in a year
and each New Year in many ways is the foundation of
decisions delicately or neglectfully laid the year prior.
Nevertheless, "The Lord's mercies... are new every
morning"; therefore I say, His mercies are as new as
this New Year. The tallest tree in the world began
with just one small seed. The only difference between
the size of a seed and the size of a Sequoia is time.
Time changes things; the question I've asked myself
and the one I now propose to you is...  What
difference will our time make this year?.
I'm excited about being married for going on two years
this April 30th. I'm excited to see our child grow into a
one-year old this year. I'm excited for the new electricity
and growth in our church. I'm hoping and striving see
German souls getting born-again and baptized. I'm
excited about the depths of my Saviour's Word and
pouring into it as to feed our flock with a hungry and
aesthetic palate. So in short, I'm excited and encouraged.
I intend for this year to be inundated with service to my
Lord and to my family, so do pray for me; for with more
on my plate, I will need more of his immutable grace and
those tender mercies.
Many things went right last year. I began to service more often and
intensively at the Great Zweibrücken Church her in Germany,
which later my wife and I joined in order to help build and
strengthen the Church. My Wife also gave birth to our first child
Jeremiah James Thomas. Praise God he is healthy, growing and at
times (often times) he is proving is name sake as that weeping
prophet of old.  Yes, those are the two main high points of last year
however; there are a multitude of sub points. All the same, I'm
thankful to say "The Lord's mercies... are new every morning"; and
its qualifier is that "His mercy endureth for ever”. He has been so
sweet to me and my Family and our ministering here and as I find
myself having already stepped into year 2013, I'm going forward
with the sweetness of last year fresh on my tongue.
The tallest tree in the world began with just one small seed
May God bless You in the dawn of this New Year, seeing "The Lord's mercies... are new every
morning", I trust his hand will powerfully guide you as you seek him.
The Thomas Family in Germany
Missionaries and Friends