Since 1999, the Lord Jesus Christ has given
me a great love and a special  calling to the
people of Germany. In God's providence
and calling He has enabled me to learn the
German language and lead  many Germans
to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

My vision is that many more German and
U.S. Military souls will be saved,
independent Baptist churches planted, and

Please pray with me concerning the spiritual
state of Germany, that the Lord God would
give me wisdom to accomplish the vision He
has given me
"that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven"
The Home Front. I’m blessed to be able to say that all
is well on the home front. My wife Rimma and I are
healthy and dong fine. Our little Jeremiah is very quickly
growing out his baby clothes and growing into a boy. I’
m so thankful that the Lord answered my prayers in that
Jeremiah is a happy, healthy and (increasingly) humble
person. Do pray for my family that God will continue to
bless us with protection, health and wisdom.
The Church. Praise God for the Freie Baptist Gemeinde in Zweibrucken.
Praise God for his word that is preached here. I am also so very thankful that
the Lord does “add to the church”. Since the beginning of this year we have
seen the Lord bring several families and individuals to our church. Please pray
that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of our people; that with his
wisdom and our obedience to his will, he would grant us his soft hands of
blessing and power as we seek to shine in the darkness of these last days    
Praise God for his goodness; Praise God for the Family
Chaplain Candidate. Last year the Lord
laid something on my heart, and I’m
thankful to say he has now laid it in my lap,
namely; the opportunity to serve as a
chaplain in the Air Force Reserves. Being in
the Reserves will allow me to remain here
on the mission field of Germany and will
also give me the added blessing and benefit
of serving those that serve.
The Thomas Family in Germany
   Your      Missionaries
and Friends